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Križar’s Granary



počitniški apartma križarjeva kaščaCrops and cereals were once stored in farm granaries. Taking their example, we made two charming houses to accommodate our guests.

The lower part, built with the local stone, surprises with a large arched window, which was inspired by village ‘pajstva’, a place where they used to store dry fruit.

Upper part consists of wooden beams, joined at the corners by typical carpenter ties.

The granaries are insulated with quality natural insulation made of wooden fibers.

After sleet that struck our region seven years ago, we carefully stored the wood of the damaged fruit trees and used them to shape the interior of the granaries with great care.

There were mostly pears and walnuts, hence the granaries’ names: Pear and Walnut.

The granaries mirror each other over the stone-paved courtyard, where a stone table and spacious fireplace call for your culinary achievements.

On hot days you will find enough shade on a deck chair under the old tepka tree, from where you will enjoy the relaxing view over Tolmin mountains and hills.

Even on cold autumn and winter days granaries are comfortable nests, where you can light a fire in a wood-burning stove and relish in the inner comfort. With uniquely furnished living areas, granaries will not leave you indifferent.

Each of the granaries is just like a tiny home, having a completely equipped kitchen with a dining room, a bathroom and two sleeping rooms above.
Each granary can accommodate up to 5 people.

On our farm you can purchase cheese, curd and seasonal vegetables (july-september). We don’t offer prepared meals, but you can book breakfast or/and dinner at the ecologic tourist farm ‘Pri Lovrcu’, located 400 meters from the granaries (prilovrcu@gmail.com).

The granaries are also a perfect starting point for shorter or longer treks in the unspoiled nature of the south part of Triglav National Park.






Price/ apartma

May, June, September, October


July, August, December 20th – January 2nd


November – December 19th, January 3rd – April 30th



surcharges and discounts

Tourist tax adults 2€, children 7 – 18 yrs 1€.

10% discount when renting an apartment for two people.

Minimum rental 3 nights.

For reservations and the final price, contact us at: valerija.krizar@gmail.com



House rules

We wish all of our guests would feel good and carefree, while staying with us. To avoid potential inconveniences, we kindly request you to take a few minutes and read our house order.


By confirming your reservation, you also confirm that you have read and will comply with our house rules.



Registration is possible only by presenting your identity document with a name, surname, address, time and place of birth and a number of the document. At registering you also need to pay 30 % in advance.



  • Arrivals are after 14.00 hours.
  • On the day of your departure, we ask you to empty the apartment at 10.00 hours.



Tourist tax is charged 2€ for each adult and 1€ for each child from 7-18 years of age, per day.



  • We politely ask you to:
  • We ask you to respect other guests and treat them as you want to be treated by them.
  • From 22.00 to 6.00 silence is demanded. Please do not upset other guests unnecessarily.
  • In case that any kind of damage is made while staying in the granaries, please report it immediately in person or by telephone: +386 31 844 126
  • Guest is responsible for the damage caused by him or any of the guests that visited him. Križar’s granary reserves the right to charge for all the damage caused, regardless of the time it was ascertained.
  • We ask you to not damage or take any of the equipment. Any change of location of the interior equipment is unwanted. We kindly ask you to leave the apartment as you found it.
  • Keeping overnight guests, that didn’t pay for the accomodation, is strictly prohibited. In case of violation, we reserve the right to charge the additional fee.
  • Inside the granaries smoking is strictly prohibited. Any violation of the rule will be charged with the price of the damage caused.
  • In the summer time we recommend aerating the house during the night, during the day we recommend closing the windows and doors, to keep the house cooler. There are mosquito nets installed on the windows, but we recommend closing the front door at all times to prevent insects from entering the house. Each time you leave the house you need to close windows and doors.
  • At arrival guests will receive keys at our home, to where they will return them at their departure.
    • save water,
    • in case of a storm unplug all electrical devices,
    • and to use electricity and wood safely and sensibly.
  • Čadrg is located inside the Triglav National Park, where TNP rules need to be heeded. Use of light or sound explosive devices is strictly prohibited. In the case of violation, we reserve the right to contact the police.



For any change, cancellation or request you need to notify us immediately at our email address (valerija.krizar@gmail.com). The cancellation is free of charge until 15 days before the arrival. After that we don’t return the advance payment. In the case of a premature departure, we will charge all the days originally reserved.



  • Upon arrival you should get informed with the evacuation plan.
  • If you’re not familiar with burning the wood burning stove, you need to ask us for help or advice.
  • In the case of a fire break, you need to notify us immediately and leave the house as soon as possible.
  • Use the fire extinguisher following the instructions. Misuse of the fire extinguisher will be charged.
  • We kindly request for caution while cooking. Never leave the house without making sure that the electric stove and water are turned off.
  • Bringing flammable or explosive substances or substances with strong smell into the house is strictly prohibited.



Pets are not allowed.

We kindly ask you to sort the waste: plastic, paper, glass, compost and remaining mixed waste.



  • While staying you’re responsible for the tidiness and order in the house.
  • We ask you to wash all the dishes and put them at designated places before departure.
  •  Before departure you also need to empty your waste baskets into designated waste bins.
  • Only the final cleaning is included in the price.



  • Owners of the Krizar’s granaries take no responsibility for the money, jewelry, documents or any other valuable object the guest might keep in the house or in the car.
  • Owners of the Krizar’s granaries take no responsibility for any damage that might happen to the car parked on the parking place.
  • Before departure check for any items that you might have forgotten. Forgotten items will be only sent to you on a specific request.



  • Firemen and emergency rescue service: 112
  • Police: 113
  • Information: +386 31 844 126
  • Tolmin health center: +386 5 388 11 20

The owners of Krizar’s granaries have the right to ascertain the adherence of the house rules at any needed time in any of the rooms of the granaries.

Guests who violate the house rules despite the warnings, will have to immediately leave the house and pay the full price of their arrangement and all the damage that might be caused by their violation of the house rules.


For all additional questions and information, you can reach us at: valerija.krizar@gmail.com

We’ll be happy to help you!

We wish you a delightful stay!