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Čadrg and the surroundings


Village Čadrg is located inside of Triglav national park. The village was first mentioned 700 years ago, but archaeological remains are testifying that for several thousand years people were continuously present in the area. In comparison with many mountain villages, ours is very alive and prospering, inhabited with many young families.

From Tolmin to Čadrg leads a steep and narrow, but very picturesque road. On the way you will cross the “Devil’s bridge” in Tolmin gorges, that is undoubtedly a fascinating touristic spot.

With prearranged arrangement you can visit the well preserved “black kitchen”, that used to be a part of every farm. You can also visit the village diary and see the procedure of cheese making for yourself.

In 1999 we welcomed don Pierino’s community Srečanje to the village.

Nearby there is a several hundred-year-old pear tree, one of the oldest and widest in Slovenia.




  • Sightseeing point Žlejžn (15-minute walk), from where you can admire the mountains we are surrounded with and the church of Holy spirit in Javorca, that was build in the memory of fallen Austro-Hungarian soldiers in the 1st world war.
  • Mountain pasture Kal (2 hours steep walk) where our cows used to graze, and our grandfathers were making cheese. From here you can climb on the top of Tolminski Migavec (1 hours steep walk) where you will find the most breath-taking view on the surrounding hills and mountains.
  • Mountain pasture Prode (1 hour walk) and from there toward the spring of Tolminka river (another 20 minutes of walk) or you turn to the other side of the river and visit the church in Javorca.
  • Mountain pasture Polog and the church of the Holy spirit in Javorca (1,5 hours walk)
  • Tolmin gorges
  • Riding at Ranč Pelance (Most na Soči)
  • Flyfishing Metulj (Tolmin)
  • Guided hikes Ambisontia (ambisontia.si)