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006 Bakalina (sirarna, gledata naprej)


Bakalina velika foto Uroš Abram (15)~2

Bakalina Velika

A big clay bowl was once called ‘bakalina’. This time, the name Bakalina represents a duo, formed by Jani Kutin and Renata Lapanja, a voice and the accordion. Together they make simple and pleasant ethno music reminiscent of folk songs. The lyrics describe farm life in a humorous way and singing with a local accent is unique to the hills of Tolmin, where both members come from. At the same time, the simple playing of the accordion creates a joyful atmosphere.

Out of a duet Bakalina grew a sextet Bakalina Velika in which Jani Kutin, Samo Kutin, Marjan Stanič, Matej Magajne, Dejan Lapajne in Andrea Pandolfo are performing. In a musical adventure that leads us from hidden places in ancient caves to magnificent Tolmin mountain peaks, the abundance of experimental and eclectic sounds fuses with Jani’s stories, that are richer and more intimate than ever before.