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Interesting sights in Čadrg and the surrounding area


Village Čadrg lies on the edges of the Triglav National Park. It was first mentioned 700 years ago. Compared to other mountain villages, ours is a very lively place due to a number of young families living here.
In 1999 the villagers also welcomed one of Don Pierino’s communities called Srečanje (Encounter).
Already on your way from Tolmin to Čadrg you cannot avoid crossing Devil’s Bridge in the Tolmin Gorge, which is a very interesting tourist sight. Having made an appointment you can also visit the ‘black kitchen’ in a house at the beginning of the village, which used to form part of every home.
In Čadrg you can see our renovated village dairy where you can also witness the cheese production process if you have made an appointment.
There is a hundred-year old pear tree nearby, one of the widest in Slovenia.

Kip Marije z Jezusom pri komuni Don Pierina
Hudic¦îev most
C¦îrna kuhinja Pri Kus¦îc¦îarju v C¦îadrgu
Dobrodos¦îli v C¦îadrgu
100-letna hrus¦îka pri Lovrc¦îu



Leaving the village, there is a fifteen-minute walk to Žlejžn viewpoint, where you can admire the surrounding hills. Looking onto the other side, over the Tolminka river valley, you will also see the Memorial church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca, built in memory of the soldiers who died in battle during World War I. There is also a footpath leading there from Čadrg, past Ozidje, over a small bridge, onto the other side of the Tolminka river and further on to Javorca.
About two hours of walking will lead you to Kal, an alpine meadow, where we used to herd cows and make cheese. If you continue ascending for another hour, you will reach Tolminski Migovec, which offers a magnificent view of the surrounding hills.

Razgledis¦îc¦îe Z¦îlejz¦în
Pogled iz Žlejžna na Mahavšček
Cerkev Svetega duha v Javorci
Planina Kal in Migovec
 From Čadrg you can also go to Prodi, another alpine meadow. There, you can go on to the Tolminka river spring or turn the other way towards Javorca.